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Ready To Create And Scale Your First Premium Online Course Business To 6-Figures In Less Time Without Stressing Over Complicated Tech, An Email List Or Growing A Huge Following On Social Media? 

Ready To Create And Scale Your First Premium Online Course To 6-Figures In Less Time Without Stressing Over Complicated Tech, An Email List Or Growing A Huge Following On Social Media? 

More Impact. More Sales. Less Tech. Less Stress. 

Learn How To Grow ONE Simple Online Course Into a 6-Figure Business So You Can Increase Your Financial Freedom, Take Back Your Free Time, Fire Your Boss, Grow Your Business, And Truly Live Life On Your Own Terms!

The $10K Launch Incubator is an online mentorship program designed to provide everything necessary to help aspiring creative entrepreneurs and business owners who are tired of working in their businesses, as well as high performing professionals who are tired of the 9-5 hustle - launch their own online courses and scale to $10,000/month within their first 30 days.

This is for you if (and only if):

  • You're ready to take control of the freedom you want and deserve.
  • ​You want to work smarter, not harder - without wasting money on ads, expensive tech and complicated software.
  • ​You're ready to start scaling your message and your brand to $10K months on repeat. 
  • ​You're tired of trying to figure it out on your own. 

Learn how to create and scale premium online courses
 even if you don't know what to teach. 

Get your course DONE in 7 simple steps that will save you months of research and thousands of dollars in marketing!

Dr. Sonia Murrey | Expert Course Developer & Launch Mentor 
Hey! My name is Dr. Sonia and I help ambitious high-performing, overachievers just like you, package your expertise into profitable online courses and scale them into premium 6 & 7-figure business brands.

Why is this important to you and why at this very moment?

I'm going to take a guess based on where I was when I first started. Right now, you know you have a niche. You know that your story and your experiences are important. And you know that you’re supposed to be using them in order to help other people.

But you've got to secure the bag in the process, too, right?

You want to create your own course, but you're not sure where or how to get started.

And it has been a struggle.

If you’re where I was when I was just getting started, you barely have any spare time.

You’re running an entire household, right?

Maybe you’re taking care of your kids after work.

Maybe you're getting your degrees.

Maybe you are working two or three jobs.

You just don't have the extra time.

Maybe you don't have any followers right now and maybe you don't have an email list. 

Listen, if you know what an email list is and how to build one right now - you are way ahead of where I was when I first started!  When I came into this game, I had no idea what an email list even was. I was like, “What is that? How do I build one? And who's supposed to be on it?”

You probably keep hearing from all of these gurus online that all of these things: time, followers, email lists, and a large social media following… are key for helping you grow your business quickly. But so far it's been like turtle slow.

You're probably also very tired of your 9-5 (if you're still working), or you're tired of working the day-to-day operations inside your business and you've been going back and forth at the thought of creating an online course, and scaling it for a while now.

Asking yourself, “Can I really do it? And if I can do it, how do I cut through all of the noise that is out there in the market right now? How do I actually choose a topic and how do I know people are going to buy my online course? Like, is my topic good enough?”

Let's be honest...

You weren't born to spend the rest of your life working for someone else's dream... Or working IN your business instead of ON it.  

Clocking in and out everyday, eventually feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, overworked and underpaid. 

I want you to take a step back from wondering all of the things you've been thinking about - the fear, the self-doubt, the questions, all of that stuff.

Instead, I want you to take this virtual walk with me for a minute...

Seriously, forget all that stuff from your head and imagine that you're using your passion, your talents, your knowledge and your experiences, the things that are already inside of you. You don't need anything extra in order to do this.

You're using all of those things inside you to create something that is going to help more people, leave a digital legacy, and bring more value to this crazy world that we live in right now.

I want you to imagine that you create your own course and it's successful.

It's one that you enjoy creating, one that you enjoy teaching. 

People are so excited about joining your course.

And starts to bring in so much income that you're also sure you are never going to have to work for anyone else ever again.

And the people that you want to help most are excited and they're willing to pay top dollar to learn from YOU.

From there, people start telling their friends and their family and their colleagues about YOU because they're getting results inside of your program.

They're excited.

Now, you have so many more people who are clicking your link in bio. (And if you don't have a link in bio, I'm going to tell you straight up, you are doing social media wrong and I'm going to help you fix it. Keep reading.)

People are signing up for your email list. (Yes, you have an email list.) And people are scheduling discovery calls to talk to you and then, BOOM!

You’ve got a Social Snowball.

That’s the same method that helped me do $12,542 in less than 14 days.

No longer are we booked and busy...

We are booked and PAID.

If you're not clear about how to get started, it's not your fault. 

You've done the research.

And you've found that it isn't as easy as everyone makes it out to be. 

There's so much information out there about how much success everyone else is having selling their online courses, but no one is sharing the blueprint for actually getting started. 

And every time you think you've found the right way, there's another online guru telling you something completely different. 

You probably didn't expect that creating your course and getting new customers could be so complicated... 

Let me help. 

You already know that you have a great idea for a topic and you want to help more people, but you have no idea where to begin or the best strategy to start profiting from your course.

You need help from someone with lots of experience creating, developing, and successfully launching courses so that you know exactly what to do...

I’m going to share with you the blueprint for creating your own course and launching it profitably.

It's time to stop spending time managing your business...

And instead, start investing time to grow your business. 

Inside the $10K Launch Incubator, I'm going to walk you through the TEACH IT Method, which is my signature method for selling out your premium online courses with luxury and ease - even BEFORE you create your course content! 


What's Inside:

Inside Look 

At all of the exact strategies, design, and tools used to develop effective online courses and convert followers to buyers using social media and no expensive tech or course-hosting platforms. 

Bite-sized Video Modules 

To walk you through 7 easy steps for developing and launching your course successfully. 

Proven & Successful Strategies

for confidently pricing your course, creating content, and marketing your online course to generate pre-qualified leads and prospects. 

Live Coaching & Built-In Accountability Checks Each Week

Weekly accountability check-ins including Q&A, bonus and exclusive training opportunities to support your learning experience and execution of activities. 

Ongoing Support 

Through an interactive virtual community filled with fellow classmates and entrepreneurs to share ideas and honest feedback. 

12-Months Unlimited Access

To all course material, updates, and mentorship to keep up with new trends and course design.

30+ Quality Lessons & Ongoing Mentorship That Will Completely 

Transform your business and your life.

It's time to build your own HIGHLY profitable, premium online course business brand. 

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your own unique pathway success. 

Learn the concepts taught inside the $10K Launch Incubator at your own pace - anytime, anywhere! All modules include online videos, workbooks, and audio features to listen on-the-go! Plus, easily access our live expert coaching sessions right from your phone!


Enjoy an unlimited, 12-months of access to all of your training materials in one platform with exclusive bonuses. Watch or listen using your laptop, computer, tablet, or cell phone, anytime you want, anywhere in the world. Whether at home, on-the-go, or relaxing by the pool, you're in control of your own learning schedule. 



Download and open your guided workbooks throughout the course. These workbooks are specifically designed to help you navigate and retain the strategies taught inside each module so that you are fully prepared to execute immediately, taking your learning experience to the next level. 


Let's be honest, our family and friends don't always understand the, often times, solo journey of being an entrepreneur. Inside this community, you won't have to do it alone. Join a group of like-minded people who get it and who will support you as you move closer to your goals. 



Get LIVE coaching, curriculum and accountability like no other program offers. The 10K Launch Incubator includes LIVE Q&A sessions and weekly Accountability Checkpoints to ensure that you stay on track throughout the course. LIVE Q&A sessions are recorded so you can access them, even if you have to miss a week. 


7-Day Email List Building Strategies

Learn how to build your email list by hundreds of people in 7 days. The exact strategy I used getting started to reach more people and scale my online course to make $10,000 autopilot!

Visibility In A Weekend

 Learn how to reach more people in your target audience to let them know about your course using these FREE and easy-to-implement pro visibility techniques!

The CYOC Warm-Up

Use the lessons inside of the CYOC Warm-Up as you prepare to JUMP into CYOC. The Warm-Up will help you take a deep dive into your experiences and expertise to narrow your topics, increase your confidence, and shift your mindset!

The Sales Call Breakdown +  Secrets Training

This BONUS alone has helped students generate $4,000 in one day! Use the same exact scripts to overcome objections and convert your prospects and leads into buyers and lifelong students. 

Inner Circle LIVE CATCHY Workshops

 Attend 12 BONUS LIVE mentorship and marketing workshops with me every month for a full year! Learn how to create marketing content that will attract the RIGHT audience every day on autopilot! 

Confidence To Launch Limited Workshop

A LIVE Limited Workshop Series to help you move past fear, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome to confidently launch and scale your online course into a business that sells while you sleep. 

Self-Educate To Elevate: Expert Interview Series

Thinking about trademarking your business name? Want to learn more about running Facebook ads in your business? Check out these interviews with top online experts in fields like beauty, marketing, and trademarking!


FULL 45-Minute, 
Expert 1:1 Mentorship Session!

Need to nail down a topic? A second set of eyes on your content strategy? Ready to set up your sales funnel? Let's talk! During this 45-minute session, get my hands-on, expert mentoring and feedback to ensure your launch stays on the right track. 
(Pay-In-Full Bonus.)

CYOC $10K Bonus Pack!

The keys to accelerating your online business to $10,000 months in the next 30-60 days! 
(Pay-In-Full Bonus.)


Extremely Limited. (Only 4 Students Per Session.)

$100K Content Mastermind For Course Creators ($100,000 Value)

Join me and a very small group during this content mastermind as we take a deeper dive into creating effective content for your online course! This is the same content development class companies pay $100,000 for!! Additional templates and guides provided during this mastermind, not available anywhere else. PLUS, receive my expert feedback and review of your content, LIVE during class! (Due to the time required to provide in-depth, expert feedback to each creator, this bonus is limited to 4 students.)


Extremely Limited. (4 Students Per Cohort)

4-Week Content Mastermind For Course Creators ($19,994 Value)

Join me and a very small group each week during this 4-week mastermind as we take a deeper dive into creating effective content for your online course! Additional templates and guides provided during this mastermind, not available anywhere else. PLUS, receive my expert feedback and review of your content, LIVE during class! (Due to the time required to provide in-depth, expert feedback to each creator, this bonus is limited to the first 12 students only.)

Chanell earned over $10,000 from her online course in her first 7 weeks - and was able to enroll students BEFORE she ever finished her content or launched her course!!!

"Less than a month ago, I started working with Dr. Sonia in CYOC. I've started creating course content and enrolled students into my course. It helped me transform and accomplish something in 30 days that I had been working on for 2 years. If you've been thinking about joining, stop procrastinating and do it so you can get results too!" -Chanell K.

Diana earned over $20,000 from her online course within 2 months of joining CYOC and just celebrated her first $4,000 day in business! 

"CYOC is LEGIT! Dr. Sonia provided tons of information! After taking this class and Dr. Sonia's advice, I had a full course, immediately. I started seeing my engagement on social media go through the roof and made $5,000 my first month! The 1:1 session was phenomenal!" - Diana M.

Artisia earned over $12,500 from her online course in just a few short months!

"I got results with CYOC in less than 6 weeks! Before CYOC I was stagnant. I was talking to the wrong people, not living in my purpose. I enrolled in CYOC because I wanted a change. I sold a total of $2,599 in a week. I hit my goal of 8 #peepsinseats by making 9. I hit my $2,400 goal by making $2599. This course is giving my business life!" -Artisia W. 

Esther enrolled 4 students and made $2,316 in 
less than 6 weeks!!!

"I joined CYOC because I wanted to get some information that was simple and straightforward. I was very impressed by Dr. Sonia's spirit and energy. I would recommend CYOC to anyone looking to create a course. It was straightforward, easy, and reasonable." -Esther B.

"I am so grateful for this opportunity to be a part of CYOC because it has taught me that anything is possible. Before CYOC, I never took a chance. Dr. Sonia is the type of woman and CYOC is the type of course that will guide you and lead you step-by-step." -Regina H. 

"Dr. Sonia has generated a blueprint. I literally can walk around and say 'I got the keys'! I got the keys to create my own course...There's nothing like support. Support can get you further faster." - Mia V.

"This course helped me to focus and gives me the confidence I need to use social media in the 21st century to empower others. Thank you very much for this opportunity. I would definitely recommend this course!" - Joan H. 

"Since joining CYOC, I have gained the confidence to create this course online and to launch it within 60 days, which is both exciting and amazing to me because it's something I've been wanting to do for a very, very long time." -Dr. Velva F.

"I had my first sales call today and booked my first #peepsinseats." 

Ta'Donna N. 

"I'll be speaking at a Live Wealth Conference in March with other powerful individuals. I'm so excited and honored for the opportunity to share my experience on real estate investing! Doors are starting to open! Thanks Dr. Sonia for getting me to step out of my box!”

-Sean L.

More Student Highlights!

Right now you have so many ideas for launching your first online course... You know it could be helping so many other people....Now all you need is a plan and a proven blueprint for creating it and the right strategy for marketing it. 

  •  Learn how to create and scale your premium online course even if you don't know what to teach.
  •  Finally get your premium course DONE and launched in 7 simple steps that will save you months of research and thousands of dollars in marketing!
  • Learn how to PRESELL your courses BEFORE you start creating any content!
  • ​Have a forever skill set and scalable system that you can replicate anytime! 

It's time to get paid to teach what you already know. 

This mentorship program isn't like any other program online right now. When you commit to your success, you are taking the JUMP necessary to create the life you want and deserve! 

I'll be there to guide you every step of the way.
With my expert mentorship, coaching, and guidance, you will finally have the right strategy and support to master the skillset of creating and launching highly profitable AND effective premium online courses. 

Throughout this program, expect weekly accountability check ins, plus get LIVE feedback on course curriculum, and up-to-date marketing strategies. 

I’ve spent years learning everything about course development and tens of thousands of dollars on marketing- so you can skip the mistakes and unnecessary expenses! 

All you have to do is execute the strategies I've outlined in each of the lessons and watch your life completely transform so that you can experience more freedom of time, location, and finances! It's time to live life on your own terms. It's time to live the life you were born to live!

I worked for 1 hour, while on vacation, impacted hundreds of people, and made more money than I made working a whole week at my 9-5.

Imagine traveling the world and making money and impact teaching what you already know. I recently traveled to Prague in the Czech Republic to explore the castles. (They are incredibly beautiful, by the way.) When I checked my account I realize that I had made over $10,000 in course sales. I only worked for one hour while I was on vacation. What could you do with an additional stream of income? 

You've put this off long enough....

Let's start working on your online course business today. 

Hey! I'm Dr. Sonia, Your Mentor and Creator of The $10K   Launch Incubator.

I created $10K Launch Incubator to show you how to create a profitable, premium online course business brand with ease and luxury. 

I've been running a 7-figure, premium online course business & coaching brand that I grew to multiple 6-figures in under a year.  

You may not know that four years ago, I developed a secret strategy for selling my own premium, high-ticket mentorship programs - without running ads or using complicated technology. 

I developed a system for creating the most effective and empowering high-level course experience that you and every student you enroll will love.

This one method has catapulted us beyond 7-figures. Now, I'm living the life of my dreams and building an amazing team of incredible individuals who share the same ambition to support my students so we can continue empowering our students while scaling my brand.

I must warn you: I'm not a fan of traditional strategies and teaching methods. What I teach will challenge your mindset, habits, and beliefs about what's possible - that's why it works!